Social Media Management

A highly influential part of any digital marketing strategy lies within the realms of social media and it is important to know which channels are right for you and how to use them effectively. This is something Inner City Digital can help you with.

Our Social Media Management strategy will keep your channels alive by posting industry specific information consistently. Posts are not sales focussed as this service is designed specifically to build brand awareness through insights and information whilst working towards the goal of making you industry influencers. We will take some guidance from you, the client in order to ensure we are spreading the word correctly when it comes to your niche and to show progress you will be presented with a monthly report showing detailed information on progress. Results are taken from multiple sources including Google Analytics and the insights provided from each specific social media channel.

SMO Analysis

As previously mentioned, it is important to ascertain which social media channels will work for your business and industry. This is something we will determine in the first instance. Competitor analysis will give us an insight into what works for others within your niche, allowing us to learn from this when moving forwards. Understanding terminology and relevant hashtags where necessary means we will have a good understanding into how we can successfully further build your audience whilst keeping fans interested. Using Google Analytics and relevant channel insights we will determine results and plan further.

Social Media Campaigns

A social media campaign requires a goal and differs to that of a management service. Whereas the latter involves regular channel updates surrounding industry related content, a social media campaign is much more in-depth. We will determine a goal with you such as driving website traffic, additional newsletter signups or increasing page likes (this list is not exhaustive). From here it is our job to initiate and develop some creative ideas in order to gain results. A campaign can run for a day, week, month, year – as long as required and we will measure results via channel insights and Google Analytics along the way.