SEO Companies UK

Within the UK there are many SEO companies so what sets us apart? Based in Teesside, we understand the fundamental nature of SEO and this all begins with a well-structured, user friendly website. Specialising in both SEO and web design we have the ability to ensure that your business is technically sound before being introduced to the online world. Taking functionality and page load speed into high consideration you will begin with a platform that responds very well to strategic SEO.

We are an ethical SEO company understanding the art of content marketing. Onsite content, blog posts, articles, Press Releases and Infographics are required to be unique and share-worthy. This is an art we have mastered with much experience. SEO of course does end with a piece of content with good results based upon how the piece is received, shared and promoted by others. Nurturing relationships with industry influencers builds the potential for your content to be viewed by thousands of people within a selected demographic whilst adding to website authority. Social Media will have a part to play throughout this process and we will guide you in the right direction or take full control based on your needs. Results are closely monitored using Google Analytics and relayed to you regularly.

Keyword Research

A good SEO company will begin by determining those keywords important to your business. It is extremely important to know the keywords people use when searching for your business and how competitive they are. We will carry out in-depth research ensuring keywords of importance appear naturally in your website content and are featured in Metadata. Terms will be prominent within your content marketing strategy and be found in blog posts and infographics. This strategy reinforces to the search engines the importance of specific search terms whilst showing they are attached to good quality content.

Will SEO Work for Me?

SEO is a long term strategy. Results offer increased keyword positions, traffic and in-turn sales. We will work on search terms that are important to your business and have decent traffic availability. Speak with us today and we will be able to discuss your business in detail before moving forwards with a campaign that suits your needs. We listen to what you feel is important before offering professional advice and guidance to shape your SEO strategy. Based in Teesside we work on SEO campaigns for a range of industries across Middlesbrough, the North East and the UK as a whole.