Google AdWords

For businesses looking to increase website visibility at a fast pace and via a carefully measured cost per conversion method, Google Adwords provides a profitable option when managed correctly. A traditional search campaign continues to be sought after as companies can achieve the most conversions resulting in a positive return on investment.

At Inner City Digital we want to make sure you gain the best keyword positions from your Google Adwords campaign at the cheapest possible cost per click. Our knowledge and expertise in this area means we have the ability to encourage a profitable cost per conversion before ultimately increasing the return on your investment. Results are closely monitored using Google Analytics with information collated and presented to you on a monthly basis via an easy to digest report. This will show adgroup and keyword progress including where improvements have been made and conversions generated.

Bid Management

Understanding every keywords worth denoted within an adgroup is intrinsic to the success of your PPC campaign. A business will know the terms important to them but these do not necessarily marry up with conversions. We assess competition and through research have the ability to understand specific values attached to search terms. Bids are assigned using this knowledge and tweaked accordingly as the days and weeks progress, based on conversion rate and return on investment. In addition to significant term focus, words not applicable or those out of budget need consideration before adding as ‘negative keywords’.

Campaign Management

In the first instance we will assess your Google Adwords campaign, taking a copy of how it appears at that point in time. Should you wish to review your account at any time after we have started work you will be able to see this in its original form. From here we will investigate the three main forms of keywords including broad, exact and phrase. As a general rule we will use exact and phrase matches in order to gain the most relevant traffic for the best cost per click. Using broad match keywords in an Adwords campaign has the ability to quickly saturate available funds and we want to ensure this does not occur.