Branding That Works

Integral to the overall success of any company is branding and here at Inner City Digital we understand the importance of having the perfect logo and what this can potentially achieve for any business. Brand awareness plays a big part in your marketing strategy and with this in mind we offer a range of services from full company branding to individual logo design. We have the knowledge, passion and ability to ensure your vision is turned into a reality.

Working closely with our clients we initially establish the needs of your business before looking at how best to represent these. Colours are important and we will investigate those suggested as well as making recommendations. We like to offer a number of designs based upon discussions with you as well as our own expertise. During the decision making process we can look at piecing certain aspects of the designs together before settling on the best logo for your business.

Why Us?

At Inner City Digital we pride ourselves on the quality of work delivered to our client’s, always ensuring every angle is covered within a project brief. It is our job to ensure you are equipped with relevant information in order to make an informed branding decision so in addition, communication plays a large part in the service we offer. Taking time with you to discuss company goals, ethics, identity and direction means we can build up a picture of the message you wish to portray within a logo. Having this insight into your company allows us to deliver a meaningful, bespoke and highly professional logo.

Your Identity

How does a customer see your company? This is a question to ask yourself when considering your branding. You can take it one step further by asking existing or potential customers. Identity refers to who you are, defining your company’s values, ethics, mission and more and when managed correctly can become an extremely powerful tool in helping you to stand out from competitors. What you want from branding is the recognition of a decent company. Something that not only sets you apart but that comes across as trustworthy and memorable helping to nurture and build reputation and awareness through identity growth.