Online Marketing Strategy

What does your marketing strategy entail? Are you incorporating content marketing into an SEO campaign and backing this up with outreach? Are you using social media to build up brand awareness and encourage website traffic? Do you have a mission statement for every digital channel you are using? Are goals and plans in place with results analysed and measured on a monthly basis? So many companies put time, effort and energy into business plans, cash flow and the general running of the business. What they forget are the basic fundamental aspects attached to any company – marketing!

Understanding the channels right for your business ultimately helps towards growth of brand awareness via a strong online presence and knowing how to measure results from the range of marketing methods employed will help to mature your campaign, inevitably leading to increased sales. Looking at your company as a whole we will create a strategy to suit.

One-to-One Consultation

The option to discuss your marketing goals is available on a one-to-one basis with Inner City Digital. This option offers the perfect way for business owners to remain in control of their digital marketing efforts whilst having the support of an experienced third party, guiding you in the right direction. With consultancy, clients work with us in different ways and this very much depends upon your needs. Whilst some companies like to have an expert’s presence on a weekly or monthly basis, others prefer to create a strategy during a one off visit then meet with us every quarter. We work around YOUR needs.

Digital Insights

As a business you need to ensure an online marketing strategy is working and where many people come unstuck is based around insights and analytics. Such resources can appear quite scary as they present so much data it is not always apparent as how best to use and interpret results. Stepping in, we will break down data and information, teaching you what it means and how it can be used to further improve the visibility of your business online. If required, we are happy to be present during board meetings in order to support you and relay the results from campaigns to additional directors and managers.