Inner City Digital have everything you need in expertise and strategy. We work with many companies across varying industries in the area and are passionate about helping local businesses achieve their goals. Understanding SEO strategies and working within boundaries set by Google means your campaign will not only succeed, it will strengthen your website overall. Because our methods are ethical we see clients keyword positions and traffic increase each and every time Google roll out an update to their algorithm and this is an important factor. We want you to rank well in the North East and we have the means to help you achieve this via the creation and execution of a well-rounded digital marketing strategy.

North East SEO Campaigns

The North East is a large area and it is important we target the right places based on your business. In carrying out keyword research we will be able to see where traffic opportunities lie before assessing and editing existing Meta Data and on-site content. The areas determined as suitable will bear strategy focus as we begin the process of getting you found in prominent positions for search terms applicable to your business. Being found in the North East and its surrounding areas will enhance traffic to your website whilst adding the strength needed for you to push forwards.

Ranking Nationally

Ranking well in the North East will have an overall impact on a national level of SEO. Google likes content. It also likes an easy to navigate website allowing people to find exactly what they are looking for at the click of a button. We will ensure your website flows smoothly and investigate the internal linking structure as well as many other factors related to SEO that will help your business to be found by the right people. From this point we are able to analyse exactly where your traffic is coming from and ensure it is converting in a cost effective manner.