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At Inner City Digital we work with clients across Newcastle increasing keyword rankings and converting website traffic. Keen to know more?

Optimised correctly, your website will rank well on page one of Google for relevant, business related keywords. If you are looking to specifically target Newcastle and the surrounding areas such as Gateshead and Sunderland our strategy will reflect this. Using only white hat SEO techniques, results are presented to you weekly and monthly in a transparent format.

Within a campaign it’s important to target the right keywords for your business. We will begin by carrying out research using Google Analytics, Search Console and Google’s keyword tool. Focus keywords then help to shape metadata and content across your website. Results are measured via specialist ranking software and Google Analytics.

Whether you’re looking to increase customers in Newcastle, the UK or the world, we can help with a long-term, SEO strategy.

SEO Experts

User Experience is a Key Ranking Factor

We understand SEO, how Google works and exactly what it’s looking for from a campaign. With user experience now a huge part of the algorithm, it is fundamental to ensure potential customers are privy to this. Has a user lander on a web page that best reflects the keyword searched for? Are they presented with relevant images and insightful content? Does the page contain useful internal and external links? Let us help you answer ‘yes’ to all of these questions.

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Newcastle SEO Professionals

Local SEO

We will help you rank well across Newcastle, Sunderland, Gateshead and other surrounding areas.

National SEO

Based in Newcastle and looking to target all of the UK? We will devise a strategic campaign.

Keyword Rankings

Sent out weekly and monthly, reports show rankings over 24 hours and the previous week and month.

Website Traffic

Organic website traffic is analysed using Google Analytics and sent to you in an end of month report.

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We would love to hear from you and answer any SEO related questions you have. To get the ball rolling request a free review from Inner City Digital today.

If you would specifically like to target Newcastle and the surrounding areas, please tell us in the contact form. This way, when we carry out your review it will be specific to your business needs.

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