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Increasing conversions through successful pay per click campaigns. Google Ads is smooth and cost effective with our bid management strategies.

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To advertise on a search engine, you’ll need to bid for keywords in an online auction. That may sound daunting, but we can make the journey a lot easier.

Keyword variations… Appropriate match types… For many people, diving into the world of PPC (or Google Ads) involves learning a whole new language. But at Inner City Digital, we remove the hassle. We’ll create campaigns and ad groups in the most straightforward, cost-effective way imaginable. We’ll assess your landing pages and, if necessary, recommend changes before your text ads go live. Then, through a process of conversion-tracking, we’ll measure how you’re doing to help you gain the best return on investment.

Our PPC Process

We’ll consult you, every step of the way

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Keyword Research

You’d like the right keywords at the right price. We’ll carefully select a mixture of them, tailor-made to your organisation.

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Campaign Management

Armed with a daily budget, we create campaigns and ad groups strategically, including ‘negative’ keywords that will save you from unwanted clicks.

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Bid Management

By researching the recommended cost of each keyword used, we can determine and adjust bids according to your budget.

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Tracking & Reporting

Every month, we’ll report your average cost per click, number of conversions, cost per conversion and ROI.

To investigate PPC’s potential or improve an existing campaign, talk to our experts today.

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