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Increasing conversions through successful pay per click campaigns. Google Ads is smooth and cost effective with our bid management strategies.

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PPC or Google Ads is straightforward at Inner City Digital. We will create your campaigns and ad groups using keyword variations and appropriate match types.

During the creation of expanded text ads we assess website landing pages. Should any changes be recommended we will bring these to your attention before your campaign goes live. We want you to gain the best return on investment and this is measured through conversion tracking.

Our PPC Process.

Campaigns are created in the Ads Editor and posted to your account paused, for your approval.

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Keyword Research

We target keywords relevant to your business and use a carefully selected mix of modified broad, exact and phrase matches.

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Campaign Management

Campaigns and ad groups are created strategically with a daily budget. Negative keywords are included to avoid unwanted clicks.

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Bid Management

We research the recommended cost of every keyword used. We then determine and adjust bids accordingly based on your budget.

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Tracking & Reporting

Every month our team will report your average cost per click, number of conversions, cost per conversion and your ROI.

If you would like to investigate the potential of PPC for your business or have an existing campaign that could be more profitable, get in touch with our experts today.

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