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Your Website is a Work in Progress

Having been in business for merely a small amount of time, yet in the industry many years..

We have come to endorse that aged old phrase, ‘Your website is always a work in progress’, and it’s true. It will never be finished. Unfortunately when it comes to web design, you simply can’t get it launched, clap your hands together and say ‘all done’. This is quite simply ‘Phase One’ and whilst something to be extremely proud of as you now have a valuable online presence, it’s not a task you can hastily walk away from whilst hoping customers will arrive in their droves. So if it’s not as simple as this then how does it work?

Think about the bare bones of your business. Now imagine it has a shop front, with big metal shutters (because you never can be too sure). Inside your shop front the shelves are ladened with stock. Fantastic items at competitive prices all of which is surrounded by consistently fabulous branding! It’s day one. You push up the shutters declaring yourselves open to the expectant and excited queue of onlookers just waiting to get in. Upon entering they may receive an incentive due to it being ‘the big day’ and will be greeted with leaflets, special offers, business cards and much more (not to mention your obviously amazing wares). The day draws to a close. Your day has been a success. Day two comes along. As you push up the shutters you notice the lack of long queue. It’s ok though. Yesterday was the big reveal. Things will now be steady away won’t they?

Day 7 and you continue each to push up the shutters and stand behind the counter (your arms are tiring though with the metal staying slightly lower down as the days commence). The odd potential customer drifts on by with some making a purchase and others not. You pass the time of day with the people that visit and day 31 fast approaches. Stock remains so you re-evaluate deciding a leaflet drop and special offer for local shoppers is in order. 10% off for anyone that brings in the leaflet. All of a sudden your shutters are fully open again and during the course of day 32 you’ve not only had an influx of customers but you have made some sales. The action you have taken has had a direct impact on the potential buyers by persuading them to visit your shop and make a purchase. The correlation is clear.

Let’s get back to your website. The concept really is no different. You launch your site (open the big metal shutters) only to be met by a decent number of visitors that want to view your online presence due to the build up they have seen via social media during the month prior. Day two is not likely to trail off too much as people are still using social media to catch up with the ‘latest’. Day 3, 4, 5 and more however may see a dip. This is normal. Let’s fast forward to day 31. The website is still the same (and that’s ok, it has only just launched) but your visitors seem to have fallen off the face of the earth. So what’s gone wrong? By day 32 you decide to write a blog post and share the link and information across social media. A small amount of traffic finds its way to you. A week later you upload another post and this time your audience becomes engaged not only via blog comments but social media too. This in turn leads to additional website visitors and ‘hey presto’ (yes we loved the 90’s) you have made a sale!

Here comes the technical bit…. Google’s algorithm is determined by a series of factors that adjudicate exactly where any website will rank when it comes to the search engine results pages. In English you say? Ok, in order for your website to be found by your perfect customer, your website has to be:

  • Easy to use
  • Add value
  • Include unique relevant content
  • Be updated regularly
  • Offer consistency with branding
  • Technically sound

In adding content to your website via the blog on a regular basis you are telling Google that those big metal shutters are constantly and consistently open for business and it is this fundamental factor that will see your website’s rankings go from strength to strength.

Remember when we talked about ‘Phase One’ towards the start of this blog post? Technology moves quickly. It wasn’t more than a few years back when sites began to make the transition over to being responsive, giving people the ability to easily view them across a number of differing devices. Developing a good relationship with your web developer is paramount with in essence them being viewed as an extension of your business. They are there to advise and guide you when it comes to the ‘latest information’ and will also aid with regards to new pages, the addition of content, products and much more. It could be that ‘Phase One’ gives you a simple presence whilst ‘Phase Two’ sees the addition of an online shop. Moving towards ‘Phase Three’ sees a stunning section of your website that offers case studies and customers you have worked with to date. ‘Phase Four’ may be a slightly larger project involving some in-depth development work due to the latest technology. The point is, and we reiterate ‘your website is a work in progress’ and always will be.

If you are looking for web design in Middlesbrough, Stockton, Redcar and the North East then please speak to us here at Inner City Digital today. We specialise in this area and are more than happy to help you further.

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Nathan Zagrovic

Nathan writes blog posts surrounding the design and development of websites. He has a wealth of knowledge surrounding this subject and the ability to write for the novice and a tech savvy developer.

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