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The Importance of SSL Encryption

What is an SSL certificate and how does it benefit websites?

Secure Sockets Layer is what SSL stands for. SSL creates a secure connection between the server of the company and the user’s web browser, proving protection and security to personal and important details such as addresses, credit card number, bank details, names, phone numbers and more. Websites that sell products and require users to pay online or provide personal information need to be encrypted by SSL to secure and privatize the connection.

Customers these days look for data protection and data security when it comes to online shopping. If your website uses https://, savvy online shoppers will prefer visiting your website more compared to the ones without SSL certificates. Thus, it helps in building trust with customers.

What is Google’s opinion on HTTPS?

HTTPS stands for Secure Hyper Text Transfer Protocol. It offers an extra level of security which is what Google rightfully prefers. Websites with https:// encryption are to receive a minor boost, according to Google’s announcement. How are websites affected? Well, if your website is encrypted, Google will put you above the websites that still use HHTP. That increases the chances of your audience growing. SSL encryption ensures data integrity, authentication and encryption. These are the reasons for which Google has chosen to offer a ranking benefit.

There are several advantages too, for SEO. Let us explore some of the beneficial aspects of it.

  • Increased rankings suggest that HTTPS sites will get a higher ranking than HTTP sites. Although high quality web content gets the maximum number of views, the higher ranking due to encryption is considerable.
  • Privacy and security are ensured when a site is encrypted by SSL. It makes your website secure for users to visit, third parties will not be able to tamper with the information, browsing history and communication with users is protected and that decreases the security concerns of users. The encryption prevents hackers form stealing and accessing information.
  • Referred data is preserved when traffic is passed to an HTTPS site. This is not something that is seen in the case of HTTP sites.

It removes the risks which are involved with E-commerce sites in this age of Internet. However small the boost in ranking is, every bit counts and that is why, more and more HTTP sites are being converted to HTTPS sites.

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