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Social Media Trends of 2017

Social Media Trends to look out for!

As every business will know, social media has become an integrated part of daily life and is necessary in growing online brand and recognition. How a company incorporates the various channels into its marketing strategy will very much determine their success within the digital world. Let’s take a look at some of the trend predictions for 2017. How many of these are you already on board with?

Social Messaging

Did you know that messaging apps such as WhatsApp and Facebook are actually used by 4 billion people worldwide. This gives brands the perfect opportunity to reach out in a modern way to their audience. Such apps offer a faster way of doing things that is extremely convenient for customers to utilise. Think about it… you want to make an enquiry about a specific product whilst travelling to work on the train. Rather than making a phone call or filling out an online form it becomes much easier to navigate from the website to a Facebook page before hitting the ‘message’ button. This form of personal style contact allows customers to connect with brands instantly leaving them feeling satisfied and safe in the knowledge they have built up a certain level of trust. Responding to a Facebook message proves to be not only cost-effective for a business but scaleable too – everyone’s a winner. Statistics show that a quarter of all apps downloaded are abandoned after a single use. This is not the case when it comes to messaging apps.

Our Advice: Take some time to investigate real time messaging and how you can utilise this based on customers.


This subject as a whole drives us as a company absolutely bonkers! OK, so as a business, especially sole traders and smaller companies, they don’t necessarily have the time to spend all day updating social media channels and interacting with others. In light of this people turn to automated tools such as Hootsuite and Buffer where updates can be scheduled. We have said right from the start that not only will the search engines not like these but neither will people, eventually! Automation is robotic. Customers want to feel looked after and like they are being spoken to by an actual human. We agree that to some level posts are required to be scheduled by using tools such as TweetDeck or Facebook’s own system, but where possible it should all be carried out live by an actual person! Social campaigns require interaction. Business should listen to their customers whilst aiming to build an organic following with better relationships. By posting live you are avoiding untimely messages surrounding current events and allowing your brand to offer personality whilst responding with a ‘human’ side.

Our Advice: Post live as much as possible and interact with your audience. This will build a decent level of trust with customers alongside strong brand awareness and reputation.

Increased Personalisation

The way updates are presented to users across social media is based across the growing amounts of data currently available. This is analysed and added to an algorithm so that when you are scrolling through your Facebook page, the ads you see are based on your user habits. The amount of content published online has increased dramatically over the last couple of years and this needs to be presented to the right people at the right time. As a business your content needs to be quite targeted in order to reach a relevant audience. Personalise words and they are likely to resonate with the reader. Can your content be niche and interactive? Is your content marketing innovative? If so then you have more chance of gaining attention in an extremely busy place.

Our Advice: Choose your subject wisely. Work this into a strategic content marketing campaign. Target relevant people and write with personality.

So there you have it. Three of the predicted social media trends set to rise across 2017. There are of course many others including the increase of live video, pay to play and virtual reality. However you are currently executing social media, we highly recommend injecting some personality and where possible posting live. After all, you wouldn’t send a voice recording to be ‘social’ at an event. Would you….?

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