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Think of the title and sing it to a recent song re-release but know that in this case, the two VERY much differ. If link building was a song from the year 2008 it would be fast, plentiful and heard for miles around in every country all over the world. Today, it would be found playing on carefully selected radios with a soft ‘basey’ beat and extremely sought after with everyone wanting to be able to listen. So whilst this analogy will make sense to digital experts, it probably means absolutely nothing to business owners looking to gain some form of insight into SEO. For some great hints and tips on questions to ask cold callers selling SEO, have a read through our previous blog post, ‘Is SEO really a hidden art’? Today’s post is an extension of that one.

Ok – Link Building.

Q: What is it?

A: Link building is the art of placing links that direct people to your website across the internet.

Q: Sounds good, so more people will be exposed to my website. I guess I can place them anywhere?

The record stops – making that ripping noise you hear when a stranger walks into a bar and everyone stops to stare!

A: Noooooo of course you can’t – and any good SEO expert should know this. Ask your cold caller where they will place links. Their answer should be, in places similar to your industry that will add value to your customers.

Q: But how does this help rank my website?

A: A good link is difficult to find and Google have made it this way. When you do find a suitable place, the search engines reward you based on a number of factors:

  • How much traffic the website where the link is found receives
  • How old the domain is
  • How much value the website adds to the user
  • The relevance of the website in comparison to the link placed
  • Content surrounding your link
  • Social Media users of the website where the link is placed

Q: I have heard people say they can build me 100 links a month. This is good right? The more links the better?

A: Wrong! No, no, no. It’s quality over quantity every time when it comes to link building. A single link placed on a reputable website that gains decent traffic levels on a daily basis and is reminiscent of your industry holds a hundred times more worth than a whole heap of links scattered here there and everywhere

It’s really quite straightforward when you think about it. Links need to be placed on sources that offer worth and are of a similar niche to your own. Chances are, if you are visiting the local cinemas website, you aren’t going to click on a link for hotels in spain! You may however wish to investigate the link showing popcorn discount vouchers. It’s clear to see how one will benefit the other.

So the next time you receive a cold call from a digital strategist, ask them to hold the line whilst you pull up our blog post. Ask them some of the questions found here and see how they answer. If they can be honest and straightforward with you, explaining how user value is important then they are probably legit. Should they start getting excited about building 100 links on a monthly basis, make your excuses and end the phone call.

Digital marketing is a tough industry, especially when it comes to SEO. It’s not however a difficult one to comprehend and as with everything, there is the right way of doing things and the wrong way.

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Helen Zagrovic

Helen writes on subjects such as SEO, PPC, Social Media, Web Design and Digital Marketing as a whole. Her 13 years of industry experience means her content is of the highest quality and reputable.

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