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It’s Been….. Emotional!

We thought we would offer you something a little different with today’s post

Due to the much inspiration taken mainly from the amazing people we have worked with since launching our business. Registered in just August of this year by my business partner, I came on board at the start of October and it is safe to say we have experienced success early on (alongside a roller coaster of emotions)! With regards to the latter, we have both learned there are good and bad days (moreso the former). Situations will arise out of the blue and by stepping back to assess the circumstances, solutions become clear. What it all comes down to is communication and this is something we have nailed between us.

Starting a business isn’t easy. It takes time, effort, energy, personality, the ability to build strong relationships and fundamentally the competence to deliver the best service possible. In addition to delivering your area of expertise you have to be the salesperson, marketing bod, number cruncher, tea maker, cleaner – you are literally everything! And it’s all these extra tasks that see that 5 o’clock finish fade further and further away into the background. But let’s pause for a moment…. Nobody said it was going to be easy did they? When setting out in business we all have a rough idea of the amount of work involved and the businesses that survive are those prepared to put the time, effort and hours into making it succeed. It is however appropriate to point out that a certain level of rest and relaxation is not only required, but necessary in order to perform at your best. Any business owner reading this however will relate when I say that my company is in my mind from 7:00 each morning:

Shower time: If I’m lucky no children invade the bathroom and I am clearly able to ponder the worth and feasibility of targeting a new demographic.

Tearing hair out looking for youngest child’s left shoe: ‘Well where did you have it last? If you put them in the shoe tub each time you come home then they will always be there’ (repeat x5 days a week), ‘Ooo I should write a blog about work life balance – I’m sure lots of people will relate’.

Driving to School: Middle child is talking about IT lessons (she’s a year 5), ‘Surely they should be learning to code by now’!

And the list continues. Even at bedtime thoughts continue racing and if you’re anything like me you will dream ideas! There is definitely an art to stepping back and actually taking time out to focus on family and homelife – an art I’m beginning to master. Advice, hints and tips more than welcome!

So let’s look at October – December. I’m going to blow our own trumpets by saying ‘wow, what a start’! Bidding for our first tender with Redcar and Cleveland Council was a nail biting experience but man alive we only went and won it! It was definitely a proud moment, especially so early on in the business and with the delivery came some great connections. It was wonderful to talk with some of the companies based in Redcar and Cleveland and to learn about their journey’s whilst taking in every scrap of business advice and guidance they had to offer in return. We met some truly inspirational people whilst fulfilling the contract and experienced a restored faith in the ‘selfless’. The content we offered was extremely well received and it was an overall pleasure to be given the opportunity.

Since launching, we (that’s the royal ‘we’, my business partner is the developer), have built and are in the process of building a number of client websites with a further two builds to commence in January. Similar to most businesses, we had set ourselves targets in the first instance and are again proud to say, these targets were not only met but exceeded. Further projects have included blogging for our client over at Innovations Beauty in Stockton, website and content for Value Plumbing and Heating here in Redcar and different levels of SEO and Social Media campaigns for additional clients. Couple that with ‘meetings a plenty’ and referrals coming through via word of mouth we feel that our first three months in business have been amazing. Will we become complacent? Absolutely not. This is merely the beginning with even more hard work and dedication yet to come. Whilst many companies are taking time off over Christmas, we are using this period to plan and prepare our strategy for 2017 so that come January we can hit the ground running. As it stands we already have a couple of potentially large projects in the pipeline which we will tell you all about as they get underway – we’re so excited!

And how could I forget our office move? Majorly exciting times! Working from home was great at first….. But pretty soon you realise that you can’t actually sit and concentrate whilst a load of washing needs doing or the pots are staring at you in a strange manner and you realise you may need medical attention by thinking pots stare…. Everything we have done as a business so far has been executed strategically and the office move was no different. We looked at our situation, assessed finances and determined it would be more than possible to take this next step. How has it benefited us? We now have dedicated work time and whilst we both continue to take it home, to the shops, in the shower and everywhere else we go, home has once again become a place to ‘stare out the pots’ and execute piles of washing (we mean rest)! Our new home in The Palace Hub, Redcar also means we have a professional space to greet clients which is perfect. We’re certainly moving in the right direction.

So, we began our journey in Q4 of 2016. Extremely excited to see what’s to come in Q1 of 2017. Thanks to everyone that’s supported us. You all know who you are.

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Helen Zagrovic

Helen writes on subjects such as SEO, PPC, Social Media, Web Design and Digital Marketing as a whole. Her 13 years of industry experience means her content is of the highest quality and reputable.

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