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Is Content still King (or Queen) ?

Content Marketing Remains Important and Highly Influential
We can answer this question in one simple sentence. Of course it is! There has never been a time when content hasn’t been a part of the monarchy as far as SEO is concerned and let’s face it, why shouldn’t it be? A user lands on your website. What do they want to read? Unique, compelling, ‘tell your friends all about it’ content. When it comes to SEO, user experience is high up on the list of ranking factors. Content plays a huge part in usability making it not just King but the King and Queen. In fact, we would go even further and say that content represents an entire Royal Family. Get this right from the start and building site authority will happen naturally. Get this wrong and it will be an uphill battle. Once you reach the palace grounds you will spend a lot of time on the wrong side of the gates so it makes sense to analyse strategy early on.

Let’s rewind six to seven years when spun content was strewn around the web in a hap-hazard fashion all the while gaining authority within the search engines, much to the end-users dissatisfaction. Duplicate articles, blog posts and indeed website text was considered standard practice by many SEO experts. This allowed for a ‘quick win’ when it came to keyword positions yet left a bitter taste in the mouths of every SEO carrying out white hat techniques.

For those of us that have battled for a long time in order to prove to the people that decent, compelling and relevant content will have only positive effects, we can now lay down our hats and say ‘we’ve made it’ (as much as you ever can do in a world where SEO rules). But let’s face it, and as corny as this line is, ‘the proof really is in the pudding’. If you have long term SEO clients and have only ever executed white hat techniques then you will have noticed that over the years their sites have gained more authority due to the fact you have stuck to best practice. You will see that keyword positions have strengthened and even at times when competitors have overtaken due to bad practice you will have jumped ahead once more when the latest algorithm updates have kicked in. If you have shied away from shoddy link building practice and never had to detox whilst building only good quality links providing benefit to both the website and the end user, both rankings and traffic should have risen with each and every update.

The rules to follow for SEO when you break them down are indeed quite simple and play very much into the hands of common sense:

It is a long term strategy – a forever strategy if you will. Nobody ever got anything by doing nothing. You have to build up trust within the search engines in order to prove your worth in the pecking order. Is this not what you have to do when building business relationships? Surely this makes sense?
Stick to unique, compelling content that reinforces a good user experience. At times it may be frustrating and appear that Google isn’t recognising your efforts. Whilst this may be true, have faith and be safe in the knowledge that if what you are producing is of a good standard and sticks to the Google Quality Guidelines, as soon as the next update hits you will be rewarded. It’s just how it works.
Build links ONLY from reputable sources that bear resemblance to your industry and will provide a benefit to the page of which it links to alongside the end user.
If something looks like it’s too good to be true – come on…. You know this – it will be! Build relationships with others in a similar industry. Get them to share your content. Ask customers to review you. Use social media to gain recommendations – all the things you should be doing in which to promote a reputable, trustworthy and dedicated company.
Of course there is more to SEO than just content but for the most part, the words you provide to potential readers are the words the search engines will pick up on. Search engines that are becoming much more sophisticated when it comes to analysis of the user experience. Just something to think about..

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Helen Zagrovic

Helen writes on subjects such as SEO, PPC, Social Media, Web Design and Digital Marketing as a whole. Her 13 years of industry experience means her content is of the highest quality and reputable.

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