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Do you have the Personality to make it on Facebook?

Would you like your Facebook insights page to consistently look like this week on week?

This is a snapshot of our posts in Facebook, reach and engagement from 1st January to date. Our page currently has 116 likes so how exactly are we managing to reach audiences of up to 310? The post noted here on 18th January is not an update, simply a notification of a page we have liked as a company.

Please note – none of the updates below have been boosted:

One of the relevant factors set to have an effect on SEO and social media across 2017 is personality and today we are going to look specifically at Facebook and how you can improve results. Let’s break this down a little and go back to the roots of business. You know the aged old saying ‘people buy from people’? Never has this been more relevant. Whilst the art of ‘cold calling’ continues to work for many companies, it’s not a tactic we execute here at Inner City Digital. Instead we have gone for the ‘relationship building’ approach that to date has served us extremely well. Having built a solid, consistent brand we have ‘put ourselves out there’ so to speak when it comes to networking, social media, guest speaking, local boards and more. All of this when put together helps to build your reputation both on and offline. So how can you gain more business using Facebook?

First things first; mindset. It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that by simply using Facebook and updating a few times a week that this will turn to sales and quickly. Wrong. Start thinking about this channel as a window to both you and your business. A place to help build trust to your brand whilst engaging with others. When we deliver workshops that cover Facebook we start off by advising companies to determine a mission statement. This doesn’t have to be made public – it’s simply something to keep in the office that everyone is aware of. Ours is:

‘To provide our audience with an insight into who we are and what we do via unique and engaging content and images’.

This mission statement helps to define our goal and let’s face it, in marketing you always need a goal otherwise how can you measure the work being done? Yes, our long term aim is always going to be to ‘gain more business’, but what is the journey to this outcome? So our interim goal is:

‘To increase engagement with our current audience’.

As many of you will already understand, a Facebook business page is completely different to a personal profile. With the former you can’t set up a page and start adding friends, you have to promote the page in order to gain likes. Requesting friends and family do this to begin with is a great way of starting out and the following will help too:

  • Include Facebook icon in your email footer
  • Include icon in email marketing
  • Ask business contacts to like the page
  • Include links to the channel on your website
  • Post ENGAGING content

The final bullet point above is without a doubt one of the most prevalent. But what is engaging content? For us this surrounds people we are working with, places visited, things we are proud of and excited by. And what do all of these factors have in common? They omit personality. We could spend our time posting industry related updates, hints and tips, sales style infographics, but experience tells us (as well as Facebook) that this does not have the same effect when it comes to reach. People use Facebook to engage so why not take a hold of this and give them something to engage with? In doing this and talking to your audience, when you post an update containing a special offer or promotion it is more likely to be well-received and continue to reach a wide audience:

As you can see above, the post made on 24th November 2016 reached 177 people gaining 4 shares, 5 likes and 1 comment. This tells us that not only are people willing to help us grow our brand, but they are seeing our business. It’s out there and we have done this by including our audience via personality.

As previously mentioned, 2017 is set to be an intriguing year as far as SEO and social media is concerned. With the possibility of dense content ranking better in Google and personality set to have your posts available in ‘timelines a plenty’ it’s certainly worth taking a look at your current strategy to see if it could be improved.

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Helen Zagrovic

Helen writes on subjects such as SEO, PPC, Social Media, Web Design and Digital Marketing as a whole. Her 13 years of industry experience means her content is of the highest quality and reputable.

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