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Dare We Say It..?

Ok, so we are going to dare to say it.
SEO is not all about rankings and anyone telling you they can guarantee page one positions are not being wholly truthful. As you can imagine, we speak to many people on a daily basis and a common theme we continue to hear surrounds the aged old frustrations of promises made that quite simply cannot be kept. Unfortunately this is usually something a business comes to terms with having spent large amounts of money on SEO campaigns that have never met the standards as set by sales staff working within the Digital Marketing industry. Very frustrating and potentially soul destroying, especially when it comes to smaller businesses confined by budget restraints.

Specialising in SEO we have 11 years of experience working with businesses from small to large and have never made any bones about the fact that SEO can be done by anyone. Masses of learning content is available online that will help teach businesses the skills required to gain more traffic to their websites whilst appearing higher in search results pages on Google. In our opinion, the best guide out there is The Beginner’s Guide to SEO, written by SEO Moz. This is highly reputable and follows the Google Quality Guidelines perfectly. Backtracking slightly to your comment that ‘anyone can do SEO’. We stand by this, BUT….. (there’s always a but, right)? Having worked in the industry for such a long time, as a company we have a great advantage when it comes to past knowledge of SEO and the effect the Google Algorithm has on a website.

Arghhhh….. ‘Algorithms you say’! What does that even mean? Google basically has a set of ideals that determines how and where a website will rank in the search results. ‘Algorithm’ is the technical term to describe this. As long standing SEO’s we are aware of the latest updates Google have carried out to their ‘set of ideals’. This goes without saying and of course we have to be up to date with these otherwise we wouldn’t be doing our job properly. However, given the length of time served we have a detailed knowledge and understanding of algorithm updates of years gone by and it’s these updates that hold so much weight and worth in terms of how SEO is executed. Look out for future blogs that will delve into much detail on each update and its effects.

Well established within the industry, at Inner City Digital we are lucky enough to gain the vast proportion of our clients through referrals and word of mouth. As far as we are concerned this aspect of business is worth it’s weight in gold. Work we are referred and the reputation we have only comes from relationships built and the standard of delivery. In order to achieve this we have to be realistic, honest and manage our client’s expectations from the word go. This is where page one positions comes into play. We know that in order to thrive online, a website has to provide the very best in user experience and therefore is required to technically optimised in the first instance. Clear calls to action, working internal and external links and the perfect content to image ratio are just some of the factors we will look at before even considering an SEO campaign. Once everything is as optimised as it can be, we will begin the process of investigating how best we can get TRAFFIC to your website.

Keywords are important and incorporating these into a well-structured SEO campaign gives scope to push towards page one of Google. Often clients will approach us at ICD with a list of terms they feel are worth focus. However, when we drill down by investigating the terms currently bringing traffic and conversions to the site as well as other factors such as products and services that offer the best ROI, keywords of interest can change quite dramatically. We strip the process right back:

Which keywords do you feel are important?
Which keywords are actually working?
Which products or services give you the best profit margins?
Are there synonyms of the terms you feel important?
These questions are paramount to the running of a successful campaign and will allow us to gain relevant traffic to your website from a variety of sources including search engines, social media channels, newsletters and more.

As a final thought, let’s consider this; Is it more profitable for you to be on page one of Google for a number of different terms or to gain increased relevant traffic across a number of well-optimised channels?

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Helen Zagrovic

Helen writes on subjects such as SEO, PPC, Social Media, Web Design and Digital Marketing as a whole. Her 13 years of industry experience means her content is of the highest quality and reputable.

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