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5 Important Reasons to Backup your Website

Website backups can be carried out manually and/or automatically. Take a look at our five important reasons to stay backed up.

1.Reverse Issues During Updates

In order to keep your website running smoothly it requires regular updates. As many a developer will tell you, updates on occasion, come with their own set of issues. As necessary as they are, an update can cause something to go wrong. Now this doesn’t mean you should avoid updates. Quite the contrary in fact. They simply need to be executed with due care. Ensuring your website is fully backed up prior to updates ensures you’re fully secure should something go wrong.

2. Avoid Losing Important Data

The very thought of losing any data associated should fill you with instant dread! Imagine you have a blog section with hundreds of posts. What would happen if a member of your team was to accidentally delete them? Would they be lost forever or do you have the confidence they could be easily retrieved via a website / database backup? Of course, it’s not just human error that results in a loss of data. Our advice is to keep on top of backups to ensure everything that’s important to your business remains secure.

3. Protect Against Potential Hackers

Whether we like it or not, hackers are out there. The consensus is often ‘it will never happen to me’, but in reality it’s ‘when’, not ‘if’. That said, providing you remain secure and employ the right safety aspects, you are doing everything you can to avoid this situation. We can of course help you with this. In the event you haven’t chosen the relevant safety features and your website is hacked, as long as there is a backup in place, the situation can be quickly resolved. By restoring a backup, credentials can be updated with normal service resuming.

4. Compatibility Issues with plugins

WordPress relies heavily on add-ons such as plugins. Plugins are fantastic for additional website functions. On occasion however, they may not play nicely with your sites ecosystem! Similarly to updates, just because their is potential to go wrong, doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be used. Choose plugins carefully and if unsure, speak directly with your developer. It is advisable to backup your website and database before the installation of a major plugin. Should any compatibility issues arise you will be safe to revert to your original position. Job done!

5. Make Migrating Web Hosts Easy

Switching web hosts is sometimes a necessity. When investing in a new website, it can make sense to switch across to your new developer. Migration involves moving all of your website files and database from one server to another. Sounds straightforward enough and in theory it is. In keeping with the theme of this blog post however, naturally, things can go wrong and there is a chance that data could be lost. Keep yourself safe and secure with a full website backup. This is something we advise all clients to request from their existing provider when moving across to us.

And there you have it. Five important reasons to backup your website. Of course there are more but hopefully we have provided enough evidence and information to encourage you to backup!

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Helen Zagrovic

Helen writes on subjects such as SEO, PPC, Social Media, Web Design and Digital Marketing as a whole. Her 13 years of industry experience means her content is of the highest quality and reputable.

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