Web Development & PHP Specialist

Nathan graduated from Teesside University in 2012 with a BA Honours Degree. Since then he went onto work in the Web Development industry gaining vital knowledge in various web technologies along the way such as HTML, CSS, PHP and jQuery to name a few. He strives to stay up to date with the fast paced dynamic nature of Web Development and takes a meticulous approach to all projects he undertakes always following correctly procedures and practises. To date Nathan has worked on over 50+ professional projects creating some stunning websites along the way.

  • Web Development
  • WordPress
  • eCommerce
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Laravel
  • jQuery

Nathan Zagrovic

Web Developer

SEO & Social Media Expert

With over a decade of experience Helen is proud to represent one of the 10% of females in the UK working in the digital sector. With a very strong background in SEO Helen has the skills and ability to increase traffic and website rankings, all executed via ethical methods only. In addition to work carried out remotely for clients Helen spends much of her time mentoring and consulting with new and established business as well as educating school children. Her positive reputation continues to grow across the North East as does her passion and drive.

  • Online Marketing
  • SEO
  • Social Media
  • Blogging
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Workshop Delivery
  • Email Marketing

Helen Kerr

Digital Marketing Manager


We always put our customers first and as a company pride ourselves on transparency, helping clients wherever we can.


Our service is professional and we deliver quality services along with proven strategies to aid your online business.


We understand the importance of deadlines and how your business is built around them, we will deliver on time everytime.


We take pride in all of our work. All of our work undergoes stringent quality assurance by our team of Quality Assurance experts.

Digital Marketing Specialists

Inner City Digital is made up of a team of industry professionals where each member is armed with a specialist subject. Our background and collaborated experience spans over a decade and includes a firm grip on the necessary branding requirements of individual companies. We understand the individuality required for each and every website we build, owning the knowledge to deliver a modern, bespoke, sleek design and development. Having worked on a one-to-one level with new and established businesses in the North East as well as remotely with clients in the local area, UK and worldwide, we are able to create and deliver digital marketing campaigns that produce tangible results.

As a service provider we work with a range of clients locally, nationally and worldwide. Always remaining passionate about where we come from we are currently working towards putting Teesside on the map when it comes to digital. This involves discussions,meetings and much collaboration with similar companies in the Tees Valley area in order to promote the amazing talent we have to offer as well as nurturing those interested in such a rewarding lifelong career option. Regular updates on progress will be provided so watch this space…